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The Church's celebration of the Eucharist is essential to the work of the New Evangelization. As Pope Francis preached on the feast of Corpus Christi:

. . . the Eucharistic commemoration . . . is not an abstract, cold and superficial memory, but a living remembrance that comforts us with God's love. The Eucharist is flavored with Jesus' words and deeds, the taste of his Passion, the fragrance of his Spirit. When we receive it, our hearts are overcome with the certainty of Jesus' love. The Church's celebration of the Eucharist is essential to the work of the New Evangelization. 


For this reason, the New Evangelization finds its source and summit in the Eucharistic renewal of our parishes and schools. 

The McGrath Institute for Church Life invites parishes and schools to send catechists, liturgists, and teachers to our Church Life Summer Institute 2018 symposium, "Liturgy and Life," to assist us in carrying out this Eucharistic renewal. 

How can our celebration of the Eucharist be a source of healing for the world? Questions that we will consider include: 

  • What are the Scriptural roots of the Eucharist, and what do these roots mean for developing a Eucharistic life?
  • What role do architecture, music, and art play in forming the Christian imagination for the Eucharistic life? 
  • How do we teach the assembly to pray the Eucharistic Prayer in a fruitful way? 
  • How might Hispanic Catholicism transform the Eucharistic life of the Church in the United States?  
  • What is the link between a life of prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist?
  • How do we form men and women to see their lives as a Eucharistic offering to God? 


Every participant in "Liturgy and Life" will receive a rich liturgical education, an opportunity for spiritual renewal, and a practical formation in contributing to the mission of liturgical evangelization in the parish and school.

Lectures and workshops will be given by the following faculty and practitioners: 

  • Timothy P. O'Malley, Academic Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy
  • Anthony Pagliarini, Visiting Assistant Professional Specialist, University of Notre Dame
  • Dianne Phillips, Art Historian, University of Notre Dame
  • Kimberly Belcher, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
  • Abbot Austin Murphy, O.S.B., St. Procopius Abbey
  • Susan Reynolds, Doctoral Candidate, Boston College
  • Denis McNamara, Associate Director of The Liturgical Institute, Mundelein Seminary
  • Christopher McElroy, Director of Music, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Rick Becker, Catholic writer
  • Sr. Jeana Visel, O.S.B., Dean of the School of Theology and Director of the Graduate Theology Program, St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology  


The Church Life Summer Institute symposium "Liturgy and Life" runs from the evening of June 18, 2018 until noon on June 22, 2018. 


  • Early registration (before April 27): $275.00 
  • Regular registration (between April 28th and May 28th): $310.00
  • Late registration (May 29th and after): $350.00


To register for the Church Life Summer Institute symposium "Liturgy and Life," click here