University of Notre DameUniversity of Notre Dame

McGrath Institute for Church Life

Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

36th Annual Conference, 2008

The "Forgotten Sacraments"
Marriage • Holy Orders • Reconciliation • Anointing of the Sick
June 16 - 18, 2008


2008 liturgy conference

These four sacraments are, of course, part of the life of every parish community. This conference explored how each of these sacraments in its liturgical celebration connects us to the Paschal Mystery within an ecclesiology of communion. In other words, because these are sacraments of the Church, Christ's life operates through them. And not only does the Church celebrate the sacraments, but the celebration of the sacraments shapes the Church.

Our keynote address laid out the connections between Paschal Mystery/Church/sacraments, and the four remaining plenary sessions each dealt with one of sacraments.

Keynote Session :
•  Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S., Ph.D., S.T.D., Institute for Liturgical Ministry
   The Sacraments: Rooted in the Paschal Mystery, Celebrated in Community

Plenary Sessions:
•  Msgr. John Kasza, S.T.D., Sacred Heart Major Seminary
   Anointing of the Sick

•  Rev. Mr. James Keating, Ph.D., Creighton University

•  Julie Hanlon Rubio, Ph.D., St. Louis University

•  Fr. Robert Barron, S.T.D., Mundelein Seminary

Breakout Session:
•  Kathy Hasty, M.A., St. Joseph's Catholic Church
   Spirituality of Marriage

•  Vicki Klima, M.A., Pax Christi Catholic Community
   Preparing the Liturgy for Ordination Rites

•  Graziano Marcheschi, M.A., D.Min.. University of St. Mary of the Lake
   Lay Ecclesial Ministers as Coworkers with the Ordained

•  Catherine Maresca, M.A., Center for Theology and Children
   Preparing for the Celebration of First Reconciliation

•  Mary Martin, St. Joseph's Catholic Church
   Enabling the Parish to be Healing Community

•  H. Richard McCord, Ph.D., Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women and Youth, USCCB
   National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage

•  Fr. William Schooler, M.A., M.Div., St. Pius X Catholic Church
   Reconciliation: Celebrated Communally in the Parish, Lived in the Wider Community

•  Catherine Sims, M.A., M.Div., St. Joseph's Parish
   Parish Programs to Support the Sick

•  Fr. Paul Turner, S.T.D., St. Munchin Parish and St. Aloysius Mission
   Planning the Wedding Liturgy as Sacramental Catechesis

and a Pastoral Liturgy Update from Fr. Rick Hilgartner, S.T.L.
A Conversation with the BCL