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McGrath Institute for Church Life

Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

35th Annual Conference, 2007

A Day for the Lord:  Sign of Contradiction?
June 11 - 13, 2007


2007 liturgy conference

The thirty-fifth annual conference of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy addressed the relationship between cult and culture by considering what it means to keep a "day holy to the Lord." What does it mean to take seriously the obligation to keep the Lord's Day?

Toward that end, our plenary addresses drew on the five dimensions of the Lord's Day described in John Paul II's 1998 apostolic letter, Dies Domini. Each of these headings was treated as a starting point for considering how keeping the Lord's Day implies a stance vis-a-vis elements of contemporary culture.

Plenary Sessions:
•  Katherine Hayes, Ph.D., Seminary of the Immaculate Conception
   Dies Domini - The Celebration of the Creator's Work

•  Fr. Calinic Berger, Holy Cross Church & St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary
   Dies Christi - The Day of the Risen Lord and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

•  Deacon Owen Cummings, Mt. Angel Seminary
   Dies Ecclesiae - The Eucharistic Assembly: Heart of Sunday

•  Frederick Bauerschmidt, Loyola College in Maryland
   Dies Hominis - Sunday: Day of Joy, Rest and Solidarity

•  Lawrence Cunningham, University of Notre Dame
   Dies Dierum - Sunday: The Primordial Feast, Revealing the Meaning of Time

Breakout Sessions:
•  Fr. Stephen Bird, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
   Celebrating Parish Evening Prayer on the Lord's Day

•  Lisa Everett, Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend
   Keeping Sunday in the Domestic Church

•  Pat Kerwin, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
   Preparing Sunday Eucharist in Light of Dies Domini

•  Marlene Kropf, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary
   Keeping Sunday in Small Faith Communities

•  Michael McCallion, Archdiocese of Detroit
   Sunday in American Culture: A Sociologist's Perspective

•  Nathan Mitchell, University of Notre Dame
   Leisure and Festivity on Sunday

•  Sr. Doris Mary Turek, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
   Celebrating Sunday in Multicultural Parishes

•  Owen Cummings and Lawrence Cunningham
   Continuing Conversations with Plenary Session Speakers