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Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

33rd Annual Conference, 2005

The Eucharist: A Gift for Mission
June 20-22, 2005


2005 liturgy conference

When John Paul II announced the Year of the Eucharist, he presented the feeding of the five thousand as a vivid image of the close bond that exists between the Eucharist and the Universal mission of the church.  The living bread which came down from heaven “is the only one who can appease the hunger of human beings of every time and in every corner of the earth.  However, he does not want to do this on his own, so he involves the disciples."

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy contributed to the celebration of this year by focusing its 33rd annual pastoral liturgy conference on the fruits of the Eucharist that equip the Church for mission.  Those who are nourished at the Eucharistic table "become the living instruments of (Christ’s) presence of love, mercy and peace."

Keynote Session:
•  Timothy Matovina, Ph.D.
   Hunger, Fiesta and Transformation

Plenary Sessions:
•  Fr. M. Daniel Findikyan, Ph.D.
   The Sanctification and Divination of Humanity

•  Sr. Susan Wood, S.C.L., Ph.D.
   Vinculum Caritatis: Eucharist Bond of Love

•  Daniel Sheerin, Ph.D.
   Eucharist as Medicine of Body and Spirit

•  William Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
   The Social Meaning of Eucharist

Breakout Sessions:
•  Margaret Pfeil, Ph.D.
   The Eucharist in Dorothy Day’s Life and Writing

•  Daniel McAfee, M.A.
   Developing a Ministry to the Sick:  A Parish Based Model

•  Sr. Catherine Patten, R.S.H.M., Ph.D.
   Bond of Love: Cardinal Bernardin’s Common Ground Initiative

•  Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S., Ph.D., S.T.D.
   The Communion Rite: A History of Practice and Reverence

•  Bob Hurd, Ph.D.
   Song Befits the Table of our God: Communion, Music and Reverence

•  Deacon William Ditewig, Ph.D.
   The Diaconate as Ministry of Service

•  Bishop Dale Melczek, D.D.
   Cathedral in the City: Commitment to the Poor

•  Sr. Ana Maria Pineda, R.S.M.. S.T.D.
   Eucharist, Devotions and Cultural Expressions