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The liturgical studies area in the Department of Theology is the oldest doctoral program at the University of Notre Dame.  The liturgy summer school, founded in 1947 by Michael Mathis, C.S.C., offered an M.A. in liturgy taught by liturgical scholars in this country and abroad, including Louis Bouyer, Jean Daniélou, Godfrey Diekmann, Gerald Ellis, Balthasar Fischer, Josef Goldbrunner, Pierre-Marie Gy, Martin Hellriegel, Reynold Hillenbrand, Josef Jungmann, H.A. Reinhold, and Herman Schmidt. 

By 1965, the liturgical studies faculty began granting doctorates in liturgy with faculty that included Aidan Kavanagh, O.S.B., Edward J. Kilmartin, S.J.,  Mark Searle, William G. Storey, and Robert Taft, S.J.  Over the years, the faculty grew with specializations in liturgical history, liturgical theology, and ritual studies. 

Today, the program in liturgical studies continues its preeminence both nationally and internationally, offering graduate level degrees during the summer (M.A.) and academic year (M.T.S. and Ph.D.).  In addition, the area has a close relationship with the master's in sacred music (M.S.M.).  Faculty within and affiliated with the area, include:

Kimberly Belcher

Michael E. Connors, C.S.C.

Michael Driscoll

David Fagerberg

Margot Fassler

Maxwell Johnson

Nathan Mitchell

Nicholas Russo