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Submissions and Queries

Church Life welcomes unsolicited manuscripts submissions, as well as queries. Writers should familiarize themselves with the journal before sending either. Only material that has not been published previously, including online, will be considered. 

Those interested in writing a book review may submit the book's title, author, and description for consideration. Those interested in writing an article should submit an introduction to the potential article and may include any other material deemed representative of the piece's overall messages, with the entire query not exceeding 1000 words.

Manuscript submissions, as well as book reviews, may be sent to our managing editor, Dr. Artur Rosman.

Manuscript Submission Instructions 

  • Manuscripts should be submitted using Microsoft Word.

  • We accept columns of 1000 words, articles of 3000-7000 words.

  • Double-space manuscript.

  • Citations: Papal and/or conciliar documents may be cited in-text (full title first citation, abbreviated title thereafter); specific sections/paragraphs are denoted using §. If manuscripts contain numerous citations, use endnotes including author, book/article title (along with journal title), publisher, year, page number. For other style considerations, see the USCCB Style Guide (especially for questions on formatting relevant to theological writing) or The Chicago Manual of Style.

  • Include the following with manuscript submissions:

    • ​Thumbnail headshot (.jpg preferred)

    • 1-2 sentence biographical byline

    • If applicable (i.e., a manuscript pertains to a specific experience of service or catechesis), an author may wish to include photographs with his/her manuscript. The author must hold copyright and include the name of the photographer, the location depicted, and the year in which the photo was taken.

  • ​All manuscripts and/or questions should be submitted via email to Church Life's managing editor, Tania M. Geist.