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Encountering Jesus Christ in the Bible and the Liturgy 


Registration for Encountering Jesus Christ in the Bible and the Liturgy is available at the McKenna Hall website.

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Many evangelization movements in Catholicism emphasize an encounter with Jesus through the reading of the Scriptures in small group faith communities. Such encounters with the kerygma in faith-filled communities are essential to nourishing new charisms in the Church.

But Scripture, as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI notes, becomes a living word when prayed in the liturgy: "To understand the word of God, then, we need to appreciate and experience the essential meaning and value of the liturgical action. A faith-filled understanding of sacred Scripture must always refer back to the liturgy, in which the word of God is celebrated as a timely and living word" (Verbum Domini §52). 

Liturgical and sacramental formation in parishes and schools should lead each person to meet the person of Jesus Christ in our reading of the Scriptures in our common prayer. 


The McGrath Institute for Church Life invites parishes and schools to send catechists, liturgists, and teachers to our 2017 Liturgy and Life Symposium to nourish their own biblical and liturgical imaginations for the New Evangelization. Questions that we will consider include: 

  • Who is Jesus Christ, and how do we meet him in the liturgy? 
  • How does liturgical art, grounded in the Scriptures, lead us to encounter Jesus? 
  • How do we prepare Catholics for participation in the sacramental life of the Church using the Scriptures? 
  • How does the celebration of the saints, both in the Church and at home, prepare us to meet the person of Jesus? 
  • What might a priest or deacon do to foster this encounter with Jesus Christ in the way that he prays? 


Every participant in our Liturgy and Life Symposium will receive a rich liturgical education, an opportunity for spiritual renewal, and a practical formation in contributing to the mission of liturgical evangelization in the parish and school.

Topics include 

  • The Bible and the Liturgy: A Way of Encountering Christ
  • Jesus Christ in the Liturgical Year
  • Jesus Christ in the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Jesus Christ in Iconography
  • Jesus Christ in the Communion of Saints
  • Jesus Christ in the Domestic Church
  • Jesus Christ through Liturgical Music
  • Jesus Christ through Sacramental Formation
  • Jesus Christ as a Liturgical Presider

Lectures and workshops will be given by the following faculty and practitioners: 


The Liturgy and Life Symposium runs from the evening of June 19, 2017 until noon on June 23, 2017. 


  • Early registration (before April 1st): $265.00 
  • Regular registration (betwen April 2nd and May 15th): $295.00
  • Late registration (May 16th and after): $320.00

Baptism of Jesus, Donald Jackson, Copyright 2002, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota USA. Used by permission.  All rights reserved.