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Past Conferences

2011: 39th Annual Conference
Formed for the Liturgy, Reformed by the Liturgy

2010:  38th Annual Conference
Unfolding the Mystery of Christ: Exploring Liturgical Time

2009:  37th Annual Conference
Paul as Liturgical Theologian

2008:  36th Annual Conference
The "Forgotten Sacraments"

2007:  35th Annual Conference
A Day for the Lord: Sign of Contradiction

2006:  34th Annual Conference
Liturgy and Spirituality

2006:  Symposium
The Liturgy of the Hours: The Public Prayer of the Church as Foundation for Christian Spirituality

2005:  33rd Annual Conference
The Eucharist: A Gift for Mission

2004:  32nd Annual Conference
Music in Catholic Worship

2003:  31st Annual Conference
Languages of Worship ~ El Lenguaje de la Liturgia

2002:  30th Annual Conference
Made, Not Born: The Promise and Challenge of Christian Initiation

2001: 29th Annual Conference
Liturgy and Justice: To Worship God in Spirit and Truth

2000: 28th Annual Conference
Eucharist Without Walls: Eucharistic Communities Bringing Christ's Presences to Others in Daily Life

1999: 27th Annual Conference
Preparing the Church for the Liturgy: Eucharist as Formation in Faith
(Keynote addresses published by LTP - Incongruities:  Who We Are and How We Pray, by Peter C. Phan,      Melissa Musick Nussbaum and Richard S. Vosko)

1998:  26th Annual Conference
Church and Eucharist: The Many Presences of Christ
(Conference proceedings published by LTP - The Many Presences of Christ, edited by Timothy Fitzgerald and David A. Lysik)

1997:  25th Annual Conference
The Changing Face of the Church
(Conference proceedings published by LTP - The Changing Face of the Church, edited by Martin Connell)

1996:  24th Annual Conference
Traditions and Transitions: Culture, Church and Worship
(Conference proceedings published by LTP -  Traditions and Transitions, edited by Martin Connell and Eleanor Bernstein, CSJ)

1995:  23rd Annual Conference
See, I am Making All Things New
(Conference proceedings published by LTP - The Renewal That Awaits Us, edited by Eleanor Bernstein, CSJ      and Martin F. Connell)

1994:  22nd Annual Conference
Liturgy and Catechesis: Celebrating the Faith We Share

1993:  21st Annual Conference
Reclaiming Our Rites

1992:  Symposium
Reclaiming Our Rites

1991:  20th Annual Conference
Children of Promise: A Place in the Assembly
(Conference proceedings published by LTP - Children in the Assembly of the Church, edited by Eleanor      Bernstein, CSJ and John Leonard)

1990:  19th Annual Conference
Disciples at the Crossroads: Who Shall Lead Them?
(Conference proceedings published by Liturgical Press - Disciples at the Crossroads, edited by Eleanor      Bernstein, CSJ)

1989:  18th Annual Conference
Ritual and Pastoral Care: The Vital Connection

1988:  17th Annual Conference
Liturgy and Spirituality in Dialogue

1987:  16th Annual Conference
Forming the Worship Community: An Owners' Guide

1986:  15th Annual Conference
Reconciliation: The Continuing Agenda

1985:  14th Annual Conference
Sacraments of Initiation Revisited

1984:  13th Annual Conference
Liturgy and Religious Education

1983:  12th Annual Conference
Renewal!  Perspectives on Twenty Years of Liturgical Change

1982:  11th Annual Conference
Households of Faith: The Worship Life of the Coming Church

1981:  10th Annual Conference
Sunday Morning: Time to Worship

1980:  9th Annual Conference
Parish: A Place for Worship

1979:  8th Annual Conference
Service: Community Prayer and Community Justice

1978:  7th Annual Conference
Human Journeys, Liturgical Journeys

1977:  6th Annual Conference
Liturgical Ministry in America

1976:  Symposium
Made, Not Born

1974:  Symposium
Christians at Prayer

1971:  Symposium
The Roots of Ritual