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Michael Mathis, C.S.C.



Father Michael Mathis, C.S.C. founded the liturgical studies program at the University of Notre Dame in 1947.  Out of his summer programs in liturgical studies  grew the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (previously the Center for Pastoral Liturgy), established in 1970, and the annual pastoral liturgy conferences, sponsored by the Center since 1971.

This web site includes a short biographical sketch authored by Sr. Genevieve Glen, based on the original research of Rev. Robert Kennedy. His work was later published by Pastoral Press in the series American Essays in Liturgy:

Marked with the Sign of Faith
Called as Missioner and Liturgist
Called as Teacher, Preacher, and Celebrant
Creating a Liturgy Program at Notre Dame
Integrating Theory into Practice
Leading the Way to the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

Also included:

• "A Place in the Tradition," presented by Dr. Mark Searle on the occasion of the fourteenth annual conference of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, at a celebration of the life and work of Michael Mathis, C.S.C., and re-printed in Assembly Vol 12:1, September 1985.

We gratefully acknowledge Father George Shidel, C.S.C., beloved friend of Father Mathis (who, with Fr. Mathis, co-chaired the North American Liturgical Week 1959, drawing more than 3,000 participants to Notre Dame), Brother Andrew Corsini, C.S.C., the Holy Cross Province Archives and the University of Notre Dame Archives for their assistance in the preparation of this tribute.